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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Luigi Gaspare Peyri or Louis Gaspard Balthazar Pierre Léon Marie Peyri (1758 – 1822) became a general officer in the army of the Kingdom of Italy which was a satellite of Napoleon's First French Empire. He led Italians, Swiss, and Poles in a number of important actions in the War of the Fourth Coalition, the War of the Fifth Coalition, and the Peninsular War.


Peyri hailed from Mantua.[1]

At the Battle of Maida on 4 July 1806, Peyri commanded a brigade that was made up of two battalions of the Polish-Italian Legion (937 men) and the 4th Battalion of the 1st Swiss Regiment (630 men).[2]


In July 1811, Peyri's 4,892-man division was in Marshal Louis Gabriel Suchet's Army of Aragon. He commanded two battalions each of the Kingdom of Italy 1st Light, 2nd Light, 4th Line, 5th Line, and 6th Line Infantry Regiments. The Royal Chasseurs à Cheval and Napoleone Dragoon Regiments were also attached.[3] On 25 July 1811, Suchet won a victory in the Battle of Montserrat, in which Peyri did not participate. In August, Peyri led his division in the suppression of guerillas in southern Aragon. The Spanish partisans were chased away from Teruel and forced to disperse into the mountains.[4]

In April 1813, Napoleon ordered Peyri's division to march from Italy to Germany.[5]


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